Westat India assists governments, foundations, and other agencies to evaluate the success of social development efforts in India.

About Westat India

There are four critical dimensions to Westat India's capabilities:

The broad range of subject-matter expertise that Westat India brings along with an understanding of the cultural nuances that affect all aspects of research and evaluation design.

Our rich knowledge of survey research and evaluation methods.

Our extensive research operations skills.

And finally, this melding of subject-matter knowledge, cultural sensitivity, knowledge of study methods, and operational skills provides the basis for successful assessment of social development efforts.


Westat India customises research and programme evaluation studies for the needs of India. We can:

Perform the research or evaluation activities in a lead role.

Partner with Indian researchers and firms.

Build capacity through training researchers and evaluators on best methods and practices.

Provide automated tools to improve capacity.

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Latest News

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15 Jan 2013
Westat India Launches Second Project in Autism Collaborative
15 Dec 2012
Westat India to Evaluate Programme to Eliminate Rural Poverty
15 Nov 2012
Slum Improvement Work to Be Assessed by Westat India
15 Aug 2012
India Farm Forestry Programme to Be Evaluated by Westat India

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